Vol. 13, Issue 1, 2018

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Volume 13, Issue 1, 2018


Teachers’ professional autonomy as the mainspring for creativity and innovation in foreign language teaching

Oksana, A. Gavrilyuk, Elena G. Tareva, Anastasiya V. Lakhno

  1. 1-17

The interface between EFL learners’ personal best goals and intrinsic motivation in predicting effort-regulation and language achievement

Maryam Arabi, Afsaneh Ghanizadeh, Safoura Jahedizadeh

  1. 18-32

The unconscious turn in pedagogic

Stefan Sellbjer

  1. 33-46 

Identifying discipline-based study skills: A preliminary needs analysis

David Ishi

  1. 47-60

Designing an educational module for Malaysian students living in urban poverty

Siti Hajar Binti Halili, Hamidah Sulaiman

  1. 61-75